The all-new Brooklyn Nets dance team is almost set.

Brooklyn Bowl is home to the live-audience final cut, as the dance team announces the final 20.  Tickets are available for the deciding round.

We’re only five months away from regular season NBA games in Brooklyn, and the Nets are bringing a whole new edge to the entertainment.

The team auditioned more than 350 girls Saturday at LIU, opening their search for the hottest dancers in the NBA:

June 13th, the final cut will be made in front of a live audience, as 20 girls are named to the 2012-2013 Nets Dance Team.

Famous BROOKLinterns ... showing off their new shirts (THANKS!)

Video production in progress...









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6 thoughts on “Brooklyn Bowl Wednesday: Nets to decide new dance team

    • Make it happen … Brooklyn Bowl is the perfect place for this. See you there — beard’s still intact, right?

  1. Yeah. Nets had to get #1.

    By the way : Yormark said jerseys will be out in Spet. Could be his way of avoiding leaks

    • Think you’re correct, D — the Nets’ facebook page says team uniforms to be revealed Wednesday –but they must be talking about the DANCE TEAM uniforms. Good clarification…. I’m still goin’.

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