BrooklynFans Of Books: “I’m Only In This For Me”

One of the most incisive comics today is Pearls Before Swine, which is written by Stephan Pastis and chronicles the friendship of Rat, Pig, Goat, and Zebra.

I’m Only In This For Me is the latest collection of the daily comic strip, which runs in the Daily News here in New York City.

The title, with cover art to match, refers to Rat’s campaign for President, which began with this comic:

Pearls comic Rat President

That poster, the embodiment of Rat’s brutally honest campaign for president, is featured on the back cover:

Pearls Book Rat President back cover

While this book won’t solve our political problems, the book airs some hard truths: the importance of prioritizing cheese over everything else, the sadly ignored capacity of bears to solve all of life’s problems, and the crucial Recognition Gap between women in bars and semi-obscure cartoonists with delusions of grandeur.

This is certainly a different comic strip than most people are used to, one that caters to adults in an intelligent way.

Pastis, an attorney turned cartoonist, brings a unique wit that makes this comic a pleasure to read every day, and this is a collection worth having on your bookshelf.

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