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Leading Young Adult Novelists At Books of Wonder Wednesday Night

Leading young adult novelists Dhonielle Clayton, Alexandra Monir & Rebecca Ross will team up at Books of Wonder for a special panel discussion and book signing on Wednesday, April 11th at 6pm.

Clayton, Monir, and Ross have written three of the most buzzed-about young adult novels of spring 2018.

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Brooklyn Fans of Food: Luke’s Lobster Provides Authentic Taste Of Maine

(Lobster, shrimp, and crab rolls at Luke’s Lobster)

If you want a taste of Maine and an authentic lobster roll here in Brooklyn, Luke’s Lobster has what you need.

The summer heat might still be in full affect, but football season is here. The new NFL season kicks off this weekend, which means football fans across the country are already picking their fantasy draft names and planning their first tailgate.

A celebrated American tradition, tailgating brings friends and family together for a pre-game feast.

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Afropunk Brooklyn: Where Everyone’s A Star

One of the landmark cultural events of the summer, AfroPunk Brooklyn, took place at Commodore Barry Park on August 27 and 28.

The annual festival brought acts like Ice Cube, Janelle Monae, Fishbone, Living Color, and Young Fathers, to the stage, with some of the most creative people in Brooklyn looking on.

The appeal of AfroPunk is that the people in the crowd are the stars that turned it into a global phenomenon. Photographer LolitaLens captured these moments from the festival:

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BrooklynFans Of Art: Coney Island Murals

One of the distinctive things about walking around Brooklyn is all the street art you encounter.

This is true from Williamsurg to Park Slope to Sunset Park.

It is especially true in the people’s playground of Coney Island.

People flock to see the Art Walls along the boardwalk, near the rides, and by the beach.

Here is a photo essay of the creation of these murals from these accomplished street artists:

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Steve Schirippa On The Knicks, Lin, Pasta Sauce

Steve Schirippa, who rose to fame on The Sopranos, is currently starring on Blue Bloods. He can also be seen in his courtside seat at Madison Square Garden watching his beloved Knicks.

I caught up with Schirippa recently, and touched on that, plus his tomato sauce, Uncle Steve’s.

How did you get involved in Blue Bloods?
“I got a call, they sent me a script. I thought the writing was great. I never really watched the show, to be honest, I was aware of it, but never really watched it. They offered me this role, I was happy to do it, they offered me another one, another one, another one, and I’m coming back this year. We return to work next week and I should do double the amount of episodes, last season I did eight, I plan on doing 16 of the 22. It’s a great show., very popular, great acting, the writing is fantastic, and that’s why it’s been winning Friday nights six consecutive years. 13 million people are watching.”

The closest character you work with is Bridget Moynahan’s Erin Reagan. What’s she like?

“she’s great. From day one, we got along great, from the first scene we did together, I think she’s great. A really, really good actress, and I’ve worked with a bunch of them, and she’s as good as any of them. I really enjoy going to work, and working with her, we’re shooting on the streets of New York, in Brooklyn, and it’s been fantastic.I look forward to this season.

What about the rest of the cast?

I worked with Donnie Wahlberg once, I’ve met the other ones. I haven’t even met everybody yet because don’t forget, there’s different storylines. Everybody thinks, you’re on a show, you’re all best of friends, like Tom Selleck, I met twice. He was great, but I haven’t worked with him.

Wahlberg was great, I love what he does on the show. Some of the guys, the crew, are from The Sopranos, so I knew some of them. The directors have been great. I couldn’t be happier, happy to be a part of it.

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