by executive producer Pete Tenney (@PeteTenney)

They weren’t here for the start of the season, and they won’t be able to clean up the mess in the loss column.  But both Gerald Wallace and Gerald Green offer vital complimentary skill sets as the franchise moves toward Brooklyn:


Wallace cost the Nets their early first-round pick.  GM Billy King decided the small forward can do more right away than any player they’d get in the draft, so the swap with Portland makes sense.

Green has a great attitude and he’s matured after bouncing from the NBA to international basketball and back to the association.  Read why the dunkmaster and the Nets are a perfect fit right now … and we’ll throw in gratuitous dunk videos.

The Nets aren’t playing well right now.  Hell, they’re terrible.  Deron Williams is pissed, Dwight Howard isn’t coming, and everyone’s hurt.  Sorry about that farewell tour, New Jersey … (where they couldn’t beat even Cleveland or Washington this week).  This next line was supposed to be: but, on the bright side… but starting a Nets sentence like that would give even Pulitzer winners writers block.  So let’s just say winning has taken a back seat to working on these building blocks.

Wallace fills a need and Green stretches the imagination with his vertical leap and electric play.  Both Geralds are new faces on this franchise, but are the kind of guys who can really help their team when they’re at their best.


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7 thoughts on “Gerald and Gerald: Brooklyn Nets building blocks [video:]

    • The only sign Brooklyn has SOME hope for D-Will staying: Billy King has kept #8 arm in arm all season.

      …If anyone could be sure Williams is certain to walk, it would be King — and if that were the case he woulda swapped him for a 1st rounder at the deadline. There’s hope. Wallace keeps it faintly alive.

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