By Jason Schott – Reporter / Assignment Editor@JESchott19

The Yankees have re-signed outfielder Ichiro Suzuki to a two-year contract, bringing him back after a solid performance in New York at the end of last season.

Ichiro was acquried from Seattle in July. He played 67 games for the Yankees, and hit .322 with 28 runs, 13 doubles, one triple, five home runs, 27 RBI, and 14 stolen bases.

Ichiro was a force in the Yankees lineup in the second spot last season.

Ichiro said in a statement, “The Yankees are the kind of team that I always envisioned being a part of. Everyone in the world of competition has a strong desire to win, but the Yankees also have an atmosphere where losing is not an option. These two observations may sound similar, but I believe it is a rarity to find both coexisting in the same organization.”

Ichiro has 2,606 career hits, the most by any player in his first 12 major league seasons. He also has 310 more hits than any other major leaguer since Ichiro’s debut season of 2001.

“I believe that the Yankees organization appreciates that there is a difference between a 39-year old who has played relying only on talent, and a 39-year old who has prepared, practiced, and thought thoroughly through many experiences for their craft. I am very thankful, and I will do my best to deliver on their expectations.”

Ichiro is a 10-time All Star, and has won 10 Gold Glove Awards.

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