5 years ago
Lesbian Discount


Tired of being pregnant, being bothered for sex by your unappreciative husband, and being gouged when buying your baggy maternity clothes?

Go lesbian and save 10% at Boing Boing maternity botique in Park Slope!

This hot mama owner won’t make you prove it (and certainly not to her — she wouldn’t qualify for the discount, herself) … but she does say about one customer a day takes advantage of the mark off.

Apparently, the straight women aren’t the ones who have a problem with paying full boat for their maternity clothes — it’s the gay men who are frustrated with the discrimination at Boing Boing.

Personally, this reporter is surprised a maternity store had the balls to go pregnant-woman-onomatopoeia with its store name … raise a glass of carrot juice to ya.

Read’s story

Boing Boing at 461 7th Ave in Park Slope


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