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Tyshawn Taylor and Tornike Shengalia played for the Springfield Armor of the D-League on Saturday night, and impressed Head Coach Avery Johnson. This is important to have them ready for a week in which the Nets play five games in seven days this week.

Taylor, a guard, scored a team-high 32 points, while Shengalia, a forward, had a triple-double with 22 points, 10 rebounds, and 12 assists.

Tyshawn Taylor (right) made the most of his D-League assignment in Springfield, MA. Photo by @LolitaLens.

Johnson said of them, “I thought it was a good experience to get them some action down there. They had some highlights, felt they were effective, did what they had to do, and played a lot of minutes.”

“Ty did a good job of breaking down defenses,” said Johnson, who called Shengalia a “multi-dimensional player.”

Taylor said of the game, “It was good for me personally, good for the coaching staff to see me since they haven’t seen me in extended game action since the summer league.”

The D-League is meant to give players game action, and does not act like minor leagues in other sports where it’s a demotion.

Of the experience, Taylor said, “It wasn’t bad at all. Springfield was aneasy trip, good for me to get some minutes.”

Both played most of the game, and Taylor said light-heartedly, “Haven’t run that much in a while, my body was in shock.”

This could serve the Nets will with games against Philadelphia on Sunday, Boston on Christmas Day Tuesday, at Milwaukee on Wednesday, and back home for Charlotte on Friday and Cleveland on Saturday.

Johnson can rotate them in by the end of the week if he wants to rest players like Jerry Stackhouse, who’s been out recently with a knee problem; Josh Childress, who has a nagging foot injury; and, in general, cut the starters’ minutes by the fourth and fifth games.


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4 thoughts on “Ty and Tornike could be secret weapons in big week for Nets

  1. Well, Toko got 3 minutes in the first half. That will probably be it for the week, for him and Tyshawn.

  2. I don’t think those dudes will be secret weapons but I do like that the Nets are willing to use the D-League in order to get minutes for unproven players. Poppovic uses the DLeague like a JV team and the guys at the end of the Spurs bench are JV/Varsity swingers. Mirza is not an inexperienced player but he hasn’t played much this year and it probably wouldn’t hurt his game to go down and hit a few shots and run up and down the floor a few times.
    Maybe Brooks should go down too for a game. Why not?

    • Imagine what a lift the Nets would get from ONE hungry young player suddenly stepping into Avery’s system, playing a little D, and breaking down opposing defenses. Good organizations like Pop pull these guys out of hats annually… but they do it because they find opportunities for unproven players. In the D-League and in NBA situations.

      Not to always bang on Avery and his Dallas past, but he had young&hungry (though NBA misfit) JJ Barea sitting on the roster and couldn’t figure out how to use him. Rick Carlisle stepped in and saw a way to kill the Lakers with Barea, and turned JJ into the spark that gave Dirk the only ring he’ll ever win. Good NBA teams NEED a Toko, a MarShon, or a Tyshawn to swoop in out of obscurity at some point … Bogans, Stackhouse, and Childress just aren’t going to be that lightning in a bottle as the season goes along.

  3. Agreed. This is a good move. Tyshawn is a twisted ankle away from getting second-string point guard minutes. You can’t let him sit on the bench collecting rust.

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