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NBA teams cannot trade newly signed or re-signed free agents until December 15.  That’s one reason the trade market has been stagnant since the James Harden / Kevin Martin deal on October 27, as teams are waiting until they have more flexibility.

The Nets’ roster has a few needs.  One, the injury to Brook Lopez proved that the team could use some more big man depth.  Two, the team’s only backup point guards are C.J. Watson, who has been mostly ineffective, and rookie Tyshawn Taylor.  Three, the Nets shouldn’t turn down a pure shooter if one came on the market.

Of the December 15 players, the most interesting big man option is the Suns’ Jermaine O’Neal, who has rejuvenated his career in Phoenix.  The Suns are going nowhere, and might listen to an offer.  O’Neal can score, either inside or with a mid-range baseline jumper, and would instantly become the Nets’ best defensive big.  On the downside, O’Neal is old and injury-prone.  He’s basically the frontcourt version of Jerry Stackhouse.

Reggie Evans is also eligible to be traded, but that ain't gonna happen.

There aren’t a lot of teams willing to give away a good point guard.  Indiana’s D.J. Augustin has played so poorly that he lost his backup gig to Ben Hansbrough.  He’s only 25, and averaged 14 points and 6 assists for the Bobcats two years ago.  Sacramento’s Aaron Brooks might also be available, but he’s not really any better at creating for his teammates than C.J. Watson.

More shooting could be available in the form of Martell Webster (Wizards) or Vlad Radmanovic (Bulls). And if the Nets are interested in another reclamation project after their success with Andray Blatche, the Suns would love to send them Michael Beasley.

On the Nets’ side, they can now include C.J. Watson and Keith Bogans in any prospective trade.  Kris Humphries cannot be traded until January 15, because of a complicated provision involving his Larry Bird rights.

Of course, there are plenty of players who were already tradeable before the 15th, and all this deadline really does is to make it easier to play “salary cap mix and match.”  I don’t expect the Nets to be too active, though Billy King should be aware that just about anyone would provide more value from the final roster spot than Josh Childress.

What do the BK Fans think?  What should the Nets be looking for on the trade market?

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6 thoughts on “What Does the Dec. 15 Trade Rule Mean for the Nets?

  1. a three team trade with nets i january, cavs and wolves. cavs would get brooks, possibly derrick williams and hump (they were interested in him last year as part of the howard deal), then wolves would get varejao and a nets draft pick(s). and in return nets would get love! this suits every team. wolves get rid of unwanted williams and avoid an ugly howard/melo/lebron scene with an unhappy love, and getting varejao for it. wolves have looong been admires of him. so it would work out great. the cavs would clearly also benefit from this, getting brooks to play next to irving and still getting production on the glass from hump. the nets would get the support to lopez on the glass and get a brilliant scoring 4. then love would find him self on a team who actually then would have a REAL shot at competing for the NBA championship.
    dont know wether this would work but it is an interesting idea, at least i think

  2. Teams will knock on the Nets’ door about MarShon…I’m saying they gotta keep him unless they get a proven shooter in his 20’s. Doubtful.

    Every forward-looking NBA squad needs young projects who could break out — and after MarShon there’s only Tyshawn fitting that role.

  3. Jordahn- The Cavs are pretty commited to the Irving/Dion Waiters combo in the back court. But I like your idea because I like any situation that could bring Love to Brooklyn.

    -The Nets are in a tough spot because they are really close to the Luxury Tax line. I think Verajao would help the Nets a ton and he is definitely being shopped around. Maybe a Brooks/Hump/Blatche for Verajao and Boobie Gibson (or CJ Miles). Blatche has real value now.

    -Martell Webster would also fill a serious need for the Nets: A proven shooter (especially from the corner) who is committed to defense. In Portland and now in Washington Webster is often assigned to the Lebron James Paul Pierce type players.

  4. Great as it might be to have Kevin Love, I don’t see why the other two teams would go for it. Minnesota isn’t under a huge amount of pressure to deal him– he could opt out after two more seasons? That’s a story manufactured to get pageview$ if I ever heard one.

    I can’t see the Cavs taking back Hump’s $24 mil, when Varejao’s cheaper contract (21.4 mil) is too much money for them. Unless the Nets threw in a 1st round pick, which, come to think of it, might be worth it. Just put more lottery protection on it this time!

    The more I think about it, Webster will almost certainly get flipped to a contender. He’s on a cheap 1-year deal, and the Nets could get him without parting with Brooks. Would the Wizards take Bogans, Childress, and the Nets’ 2016 second-rounder?

  5. I agree, that the idea of acquiring Love might be some what of a dream or at least very fare fetch. And, yes i’m completely agreeing on the fact that Love’s dissatisfaction with Wolves will not lead to a trade right now or even in this season. But again, a man gotta dream right. and i thought the idea would be more plausible then of a Gasol – Love trade, which are being promoted by all the lakers fans as we speak.

    I see the idea of a Webster deal. fairly cheap and would be a welcomed addition to the nets. Even tho this fall on good ground with everybody, but I find the idea of a Beasley trade intriguing. A guy, which under A. Johnson’s leadership could find his way as Blatche did. And we have all seen that the guy can scorer points. am i the only one thinking, that this guy could be great coming off the bench?

  6. Jakob, the Lakers are going to find that Pau Gasol is nearly untradeable. Love could end up on the Nets, but I don’t think it will be this year.

    Beasley is a guy who’s picked up some really bad habits playing for bad teams. He’s probably most effective as a quick, undersized power forward, but the Wolves and the Suns have used him at small forward, and let him create offense (mostly for himself in the form of bad 20-foot jumpers), and the results have been disastrous. The difference between Beasley and Blatche– and the Nets have done a wonderful job with Blatche– is that Beasley is owed $11.7 mil over the next 2 seasons, while Blatche plays for the league minimum. If Blatche hadn’t worked out, the Nets could have just cut him. If Beasley doesn’t work out, you’re stuck with him.

    Another guy who wants out of Phoenix is the Polish Hammer, Marcin Gortat, but I don’t think he’s a good fit in Brooklyn, because you can’t play him and Lopez together.

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